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Four Complimentary Avenues Of Holistic Growth


At Gita Life, we help your mind, body and soul achieve a heightened sense of balance through the cultivation of the ancient discipline of yogic practices that recharge you by enhancing clarity of thought. Our systematic courses delve deep into this ancient traditional science to embark upon a journey of inner awakening and transformation based on the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita. And through the time tested methods of Mantra Meditation, & Kirtan Yoga, Gita Life opens your doors to access the higher realms of harmony with the creator and his cosmos, aiming towards the perfection of human existence.



At Gita Life, we strive to establish the interconnectedness of life, that has been described in Vedic scriptures thousands of years ago, showing how a harmonious living can take place once all forms of life are recognized and valued. Material renunciation and the refusal of that which is vain and unnecessary used to be perceived as an elevated attitude in all wisdom civilizations. Although, this revival of consciousness and its reflection in action are a gradual process, it can be facilitated through spiritual insights that leads to an intrinsic appreciation of greater self-awareness and a deeper understanding of Life and its purpose.



Culture is a freeway to our spiritual fulfillment. Just like our blood that play a crucial role in our physical functioning, culture plays a crucial role in our social functioning. However, when we forget the holistic purpose of culture, then the entire cultural presentation starts to appears as restrictive. Hence, unlike the regressive outside-in approaches of moral policing to cultural revival, Gita Life works with the Inside-out approach that begins with urging people to undertake an intellectual introspection of their identity and destiny, through a colorful combinations of traditional arts, dramas, music, food, retreats & campaigns. 




To a world afflicted by egotism & greediness, Gita Life applies the soothing balm of selfless service through the universal non- sectarian message of love for God and love for all living beings, thus bringing peace, love and joy in the lives of people everywhere. Working tirelessly at the grassroots level, Gita Life inspires individuals & society to not only find harmony with their own true natures, but to become helping hands in bringing meaning and joy to the lives of others through a variety of volunteering initiatives and service projects… 




Children Empowerment

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Spiritual Retreats and Meditations

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Free Food Distribution

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Self-Sustainability & Rural Development

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Youth Empowerment & De-addiction

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Crisis and Emergency Support

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Self-Management Workshops

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Holistic Cow Care

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Training & Promotion of Traditional Arts & Culture

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ISKCON has always spread right values in the world and has been an agent off change in the society. I congratulate the youngsters for taking this opportunity of being a part of this event.

Mr. Sajjan Jindal

Chairman, JSW Steel

Today lots of youth go astray very quickly. I greatly appreciate the efforts of organizers of this De-Addiction Event. Your hard work will surely inspire youths to overcome these self-destructive habits.

Mr. Ronit Roy


Thank you ISKCON for the service to the Humanity.

Mr. Sourav Ganguly

Official Tweet on ISKCON's COVID-19 Food Relief Program

The volunteers of ISKCON are strenuously working to serve the citizens of Varanasi. Be it training people in ethical values, propagation of teachings of wisdom literatures or food distribution in times of crisis like COVID-19 where they teamed up with the local administration and police to offer much needed services to the poor.

Mr. N P Singh

Secretariat, Office of PM Narendra Modi, Varanasi (UP)

Their books are wonderful. ISKCON will do the work of bringing east and west together.

Kiran Bedi

Lt. Governor of Poducherry and First Woman IPS Officer

IMPRESSIONS youth festival was a blend of culture and education. I see that modern-day youths are misguided and have hardly any understanding of the real meaning of education. This type of youth festivals can instill an appreciation for our culture and values of being a true student in the hearts of youngsters.

Dr. P. Nagabhushan

Director IIIT Allahabad

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