Value Empowerment for Children

It is easier to Build strong children than to fix broken men

In todays world there is no deficiency of facilities, amenities, luxuries etc. But there is a great dearth of men with ideal character. Student life is the tender age where the ideologies formed are carried over throughout one’s whole life. It is very sad to see that today’s children are given a very self-centric, egoistic and unrealistic world view. Hence it is not surprising to see that chidren as they grow to adolescent are susceptible to vices of all sorts.

Our Children are breaking down as they reach youth. Some of the FACTS that reveal this truth due to the disparity in values are:

  • 15% of boys in age 15 to 19 are addicted to alcohol
  • Depression amongst students has increased from 2 to 12% in last 5 years
  • 6% students in the age 13 -15 smoke and 15 % of non smockers likely to initiate smoking next year
  • More than 80% hihgh school students have seen porn and almost 60% of them are addicted.
  • India alone has the highest rate of suicides among people between age 15 to 29. In 2013, 2471 students committed suicides due to failure in examination, not able to cope up with pressure.
  • The Average attention span of students have gone down from 12 minutes to 5 seconds due to social media overuse…

Gita Life has taken to its heart the responsibility to repair this ongoing damage to the Budding flowers of future –  our children & Students. At Gita Life we aim to enlighten the student community by creating a strong urge within them to systematically pursue education and training in the values for principle centered living. Wisdom tells us that a student leading a life of purity would become a great servant leader for the world in future. Through our various value based courses, contests & camps, we offer time tested solutions, coming from age old tradition combined with the best of modern rational thoughts & technology, to the problems faced by children and student community. In short we ensure value based growth by facilitating the 4 ‘E’ of value based growth.

ENLIGHTENMENT – Learning essential spiritual and moral values from wisdom Literatures like Bhagavad Gita

EXAMPLE – Interaction with exemplary value education mentors will provide students a live example of the values they are learning and will also inspire them to practice in their own lives.

ENGAGEMENT – Participation in variety of indoor and outdoor activities and camps provides the needed engagement of the body, mind and soul for the holistic growth of the child, where their talents meets its potential and gives them a feeling of inner fulfillment.

ENVIRONMENT – Building will power through right values creates a mental environment in children that equips them to live and practice the values anywhere and in any circumstances, hence making them a great asset for the society and helping hand to others as well