“Anna-kut”: Free Food Distribution to the needy & poor

Food is Symbolic of LOVE when WORDS are Inadequate

Gita Life provides free meals for everyone within its vicinity. As Srila Prabhupada said, “No one should go hungry from our temple”. Adhering to this thought, we believe that food should go in someone’s mouth rather than going waste. This thought led us to begin this food movement leading to the inception of Yajnashishtamrita.


India has a population of over 1.3 billion people. Although it has increased its food grain production by almost two times over the past two decades, we still lag at providing adequate access to proper food and nutrition to a large number of people.

If we come together to share the responsibility to feed the poor, we can eradicate extreme poverty and hunger in India. At Gita Life we aim to tackle this issue of hunger and food wastage through free distribution of sanctified food (Prasadam) and also through our spiritual and social initiatives of spreading health and wellbeing to humankind. For that, we will be needing to form an active partnership with people like you, charities involved in giving food to the poor, governments, the private sector, and food charity banks.


All it takes is a small commitment on your part to make a big impact in the lives of people struggling with hunger. Our centralized kitchens are designed to produce nutritious food at scale and minimize wastage, every small amount contributed hence has a manifold impact on the number of people who can be fed through our kitchens. Contribute your food donation to us and we will ensure that your donations are used in the most efficient manner to help those suffering from food insecurity in our country.