Rural Development Initiatives

To Educate a Child is to turn Walls into Doors

The rural-urban gap permeates through several areas in the country including education and learning as well. There’s a wide gap in the education provided in urban cities as compared to the rural areas, whether it be education facilities, infrastructure, teaching methodology, modern concept learning, individual skill development, etc. What makes the matter worse is the lack of enough government schools, and the low income of most families, in rural areas making even basic education unaffordable for them, thereby leading to a vast majority of children going without even the most basic education. Over 1 lakh children in all the major states of India lack basic reading, writing and Math’s skill, making them unfit for the mainstream employment structure…

At Gita Life, we want to work for the upliftment of the education sector in rural India. There is a huge need for interactive and innovative ways to impart knowledge and help students, especially from low-income families to reach their full potential. We therefore, constantly strive to transform the traditional methods of sharing knowledge which can be leveraged to make the youths more skilled and employable not just in our focus area but all around the world. Through our various efforts and initiatives, we are able to impact the lives of the youth in various villages around Kopargaon district in Maharashtra. Our approach to these initiatives are Holistic and Child centered that addresses the individual needs and situations of a student and allows them to be proficient in their capabilities. Through our solutions and programs aiming at addressing the education and rural education issue, we hope to do the following:

  • Encourage the rural child to participate in lifelong education and build a career for themselves


  • Promoting education that focuses on enhancing the unique skills and capabilities of the individual


  • Offering flexible tutoring programs and other support to cater to the individual learning needs of the students


  • Facilitating inclusive learning environments for everyone


  • Help students participate in extra-curricular studies, activities to develop employability or entrepreneurship and life skills

At Gita Life, we believe in working together to amplify our efforts and take our goals to a new level. Hence we look forward to Join hands with a team of like-minded individuals, leaders, civil rights groups, families, and people like you who are inspired to participate in developing a better nation for our youth.