Youth Empowerment & De-addiction

We cannot always build the future for our Youths, But We can build our Youths for the Future

Every individual self, especially the Youth, who by their inherent natures are virtuous, intends to contribute something very, constructive, prosperous and joyful to their neighbors, nation and the world at large. However, Youth today, being highly influenced by the prevailed negative and destructive forces in the form of personal and social media are landing up being utterly misdirected, confused and hopeless, in their pursuit of experiencing and sharing the inherent goodness of their heart.


At Gita life, we aim to serve the High School and College Youth Community by, empowering them with values to overcome self-destructive practices like Addiction and, facilitating their overall personality development through helping them in Career, Egoistic, Emotional, Intellectual and Physiological Needs.  We offer a variety of training & education courses in Positive Thinking, Self-Management and Proactive Leadership to bring out the best in their character enabling them to become Principle Centered leaders of society. Since 2014, we have served over 20,000 students from educational institutes in major cities across Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh etc. through Anti-addiction drives, Skill Development Workshops, and Lifestyle Training Modules. These programs are open for all High School and College students irrespective of their economic, social and cultural backgrounds. Through our youth welfare initiatives, we aim to bring together the constructive energy of the young minds that can act as a quality resource for the governments and leaders to Implement their vision of uplifting the condition of humanity on Planet Earth…


At Gita life, we prioritize empowering the Youths with Right training and education through:

  • Industry Focused Training: Student-corporate interactions through live sessions and Online classe.
  • Technical Training: Across a range of subjects as Web/app development, Machine Learning etc.
  • Skill Development Workshops: Workshops focused on communication, Leadership and Team Building
  • De-Addiction Campaigns: Youth festivals and camps to inspire youths to live a healthy Life
  • Scholarships: Facilitating talented students by providing them scholarships for college Fees Books.
  • Accommodations: Free Accomodation to selected students in Youth Centers equipped with library and study room facility
  • YOGA & Meditation Retreats: Meditation, Mantra and YOGA sessions for Physical Vitality, Stress-Free Mind & Self-Discovery.